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5 Tips for Pet Sitters Who Encourage Reliability From a Pet Parent
5 Tips for Pet Sitters Who Encourage Reliability From a Pet Parent

Taking a vacation or traveling for work may require a pet parent to temporarily leave
their pet behind. While it can be nerve-racking for them to trust someone to take care of
their pet the same way they do, it is important to communicate and prepare with
everything you’ll need to know. Your role as a pet sitter goes hand in hand with their role of a pet parent, and it’s essential to ensure that their furry friend is receiving the proper care they need while their owner is away from home.

Here are some tips for pet sitters who advocate reliability and trust from the pet parent
they’re providing for:

Ensure They Prepare Everything The Pet May Need

During the time you are watching a pet, it’s important that the food and accessories they
use are left out for you to use. This can include the following:

● Toys
● Leash and collar
● Treats
● Bed

When these items are easily accessible, it can make mimicking a specific routine the
owner implements easier than ever, and make the time you spend with their pet feel
somewhat normal. Before the pet parent leaves, consider asking them if there are any
special instructions associated with the amount of food they eat, and if so, have them
make a quick note for you to reference. The more insight you have on what the pet
needs, the better you’ll be able to provide.

Review Their Daily Schedule

A pet parent could have a routine they follow for their furry friend. There may be certain
bathroom times or a walking route they stay consistent with, so don’t be afraid to
prepare questions about their daily schedule. Of course, you’ll want the time you spend
with their pet to be recognizable and familiar in every way you can. If not, it could
cause the animal to have some sudden stress or anxiety.

Schedule Frequent Check-ins

Animals are smart, and it’s usually pretty easy for them to notice when their owner is
leaving home. When the pet is unfamiliar with his or her absence, the animal’s behavior
can quickly change. As a responsible pet parent, frequent check-ins are needed to ensure you have the confidence in what you’re doing, and to give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Request the pet parent to leave their phone number and email address so you have more than one way to stay in touch.

Have a Financial Backup Plan

There may come a moment when you’ll need to purchase something that isn’t
included in the original budget you discussed with the pet parent, but that is needed for
the health and safety of the animal. Before the pet parent leaves home, schedule a time to discuss a backup financial plan for when instances like this occur. If you have a mobile checking account or an app for your finances, take advantage of the features they provide when it comes to making payments or managing your expenses. If sudden
money-related concerns arise, you’ll have a quick reference to your financial information
when needed.

Prepare Medications or Health Information

If the pet has a health concern, talk with the pet parent about what medicines they take and how often. This is a huge responsibility that could affect the animal’s overall wellness. Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions — hence this is one of the most imperative parts of watching a pet and you’ll want to make sure the owner is doing their part in providing you with whatever they need.

As a responsible pet sitter, eliminate any confusion or concerns through asking questions and utilizing the preparation process to the best of your ability. Encourage a pet parent to share as much information as possible to make the process easy-going while they are away.