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Memorializing Your Beloved Pet
Posted August 27, 2020

Whiling feeling the grief is a normal part of healing, finding ways to memorialize our pets helps us honor the love and good times we shared together and can be vital for our healing process

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Fostering & Forever Homes
Posted August 20, 2020

Now more than ever, pets from all around the globe are in desperate need of forever homes. We take a look at the huge advantages of opening your home to shelter pet.

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11 Rare, Fun And Strange Facts About Lizards
Posted August 13, 2020

Lizards are the largest groups in the reptile family, with over 6,000 members! They include all reptiles, apart from snakes.

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Tips on caring for your pet during COVID-19
Posted August 6, 2020

This recent pandemic is making all of us more stressed out and while some of us may rely on our pets for a source of comfort, sometimes, our pets also need help too.

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Guinea Pig Care | Guinea Pig Schedule | Owning A Guinea Pig
Posted July 30, 2020

Proper Guinea pig care is important if you want to keep your guinea pig happy and healthy for longer.

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Frozen Dog Treats - Recommendations from Vets
Posted July 23, 2020

Here, we will briefly introduce frozen dog treats under the light of dog experts’ recommendations.

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6 Reasons to Adopt an Older Dog
Posted July 16, 2020

Will you be the lucky one that gets to take me home to be your loving companion?

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5 Useful Reasons To Own A Pet Rat For The First Time!
Posted July 9, 2020

Pet rats are great first time pets that are becoming more popular.

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The Rockets' Red Glare, The Bombs Bursting In Air
Posted JuLY 2, 2020

Use these methods to keep the 4th of July holiday as joyful, safe and stress free for your pets as possible.

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Tips For Keeping Your Older Dog Fit
Posted June 25, 2020

Regular exercise keeps your dog’s joints limber and muscles strong, helps control weight and engages the brain.

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Why Does My Cat Eat Plastic?
Posted June 18, 2020

Reasons and Prevention

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National Microchipping Month
Posted June 12, 2020

Microchips Are An Amazing Tool If Your Pets Have One.

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What About Me?
Posted June 4, 2020

Planning For Your Pets Care If You Aren't There.

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Separation Anxiety
Posted May 28, 2020

To avoid distressing pets with sudden changes, pet parents can take some time left in quarantine and help pets accommodate to the changing routine.

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The 7 Symptoms of Pancreatitis
Posted May 21, 2020

There are some chances you know little about the pancreas. It’s not the most well-known organ. But it’s vital!

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5 Therapeutic Solutions for Senior Mobility Challenged Dogs
Posted May 7, 2020

Let's take a look at 5 treatment options for assisting dogs with age or injury-induced mobility issues.

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5 Tips for Pet Sitting an Exotic Pet
Posted April 30, 2020

Before your lizard or snake parent friend asks you to pet sit for them, make sure you are comfortable with the ins and outs of actually caring for one.

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An Op-paw-tunity to Enjoy Your Pets
Posted April 23, 2020

Consider this a chance to spend more time with your best friend.

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How to Enrich Your Cat's Life
Posted April 16, 2020

As a loving and caring pet owner, you want your cat to lead a truly exciting and satisfying life.

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6 Issues Your Cat May Encounter as It Gets Older
Posted April 4, 2020

Cats don’t always look or act their age. But as they get older, their health complications may reveal this bit by bit. There are many common issues your cat could develop as it ages, but also many ways to help them cope.

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How to Ensure Your Family and Pets Have a Happy Healthy Future
Posted March 26, 2020

Life is meant to be about joy, laughter, and making memories with those most special to you.

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A Few Things to Do While COVID-19 Affects Your Business
Posted March 19, 2020

A Few Things to Do While COVID-19 Affects Your Business

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The Coronavirus Chaos
Posted March 13, 2020

How Your Pet Business Can Embrace The Coronavirus Chaos

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Poison Prevention Awareness Month
Posted March 12, 2020

March is Poison Prevention Awareness Month

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Benefits of NAPPS Membership
Posted March 5, 2020

Take a Peek Inside the Many Benefits of Membership

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Canine Enrichment
Posted February 27, 2020

Canine Enrichment – A Challenge to Improve Your Dog’s Life

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Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month
Posted February 20, 2020

February is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month.

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Green Essentials
Posted February 13, 2020

Luckily, there is a growing number of responsible producers, and their goods are becoming more widely available.

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Yuck! My Dog Is Eating POOP How Can I Fix Her...
Posted February 6, 2020

Coprophagia is a behavior about 24% of our canine friends share.

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Breed Specific Legislation
Posted January 30, 2020

Washington State is taking a big step forward to fight unfair breed based bans.

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Grain Free Diets
Posted January 23, 2020

Various sites have been created to help easily provide information about grain-free dog food, read reviews and make the best decision for your pet's diet.

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Did the Family Pet Gain a Few Pounds During the Holiday?
Posted January 16, 2020

January is the perfect month to help them get back into shape.

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8 Tips for Caring for a Dog with Canine Dementia
Posted January 9, 2020

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS) is a common condition in dogs that can cause memory loss, disorientation, confusion and anxiety.

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5 Brain Games You Should Play With Your Dog During Inclement Weather
Posted December 19, 2019

Mental exercises can help to strengthen the bond between the two of you, give your dog more confidence and eliminate any unwanted or destructive behaviors.

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Holiday Pet Safety
Posted December 12, 2019

As we look forward to and plan for all the fun that surrounds our celebrations, it is important to take a few minutes to include our furry family members in that planning.

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How to Balance Your Pet and Holiday Budget This Season
Posted November 26, 2019

During this exciting and busy season, it’s important to take the time to appreciate what we do have and spend time enjoying the company of our loved ones, especially our loyal pet companions.

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Adopt-A-Senior Pet Month
Posted November 21, 2019

November is known at Adopt-A-Senior Pet Month, and during this month, shelters around the nation hope to improve the adoption rate for older pets by spreading awareness about the joy of adopting a senior pet.

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What Vets Wish Pet Sitters Knew
Posted November 14, 2019

When owners are away, as a vet, treating their sick pets can be a nightmare. My ideal is the animal is accompanied by a well-organized pet sitter so that everyone’s needs (especially the patient’s) can be met.

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World Diabetes Day
Posted November 12, 2019

This makes it the perfect time to talk about how diabetes affects our pets. The number of pets getting diagnosed with diabetes continues to increase, leaving pet parents with many questions for their vets about the well-being of their beloved pets.

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It's Official
Posted November 7, 2019

The NAPPS 2020 Board of Directors election results are in. Please help us in welcoming the new NAPPS Board Members!

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Halloween Pet Safety
Posted October 30, 2019

America’s favorite haunted holiday is about to occur! That means ghouls and ghosts wandering about and stopping by to show off their costumes. But with all the distractions and fun that goes with Halloween, pet parents need to be careful that their pets don’t get their paws in the candy bowl.

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Autumn Pet Activities
Posted October 24, 2019

Autumn, and the month of October, bring to mind hot apple cider, campfires and pumpkins. Yep, this is the perfect month to bond with your pets with both indoor and outside activities.

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Adopt-A-Dog Month
Posted October 18, 2019

Looking for a new dog to add to the family? Perfect! There has never been a better time than October, as two of the biggest animal welfare associations in the U.S. bring attention to millions of dogs waiting for their forever homes in shelters.

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Deaf Dogs Awareness Week 2019
Posted September 26, 2019

Deaf Dog Awareness Week, which takes place every year in the last week of September, aims to show prospective pet parents that bringing a deaf dog into a home doesn’t have to be difficult.

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Happy Healthy Cat Month 2019
Posted September 24, 2019

It’s Happy Healthy Cat Month! Happy Health Cat Month was started by the CATalyst Council, a non-profit dedicated to helping families with their felines health and mental well being.

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5 Tips for Pet Sitters Who Encourage Reliability From a Pet Parent
Posted September 12, 2019

While it can be nerve-racking for them to trust someone to take care of their pet the same way they do, it is important to ommunicate and prepare with everything you’ll need to know.

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What Makes A Great Dog Sitter
Posted September 5, 2019

What makes a good dog sitter? We’ve covered some of the most important traits for you here.

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6 Ways To Relieve Stress On Pets When Pet Parents Go Away
Posted August 22, 2019

Everybody likes to go on vacation but when you have pets as part of your family you need to consider how your absence is going effect your little buddy.

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Heatstroke, What Pet Parents Should Know to Keep Pets Safe
Posted August 8, 2019

Heatstroke is a very serious condition which requires immediate treatment. As summer heats up, pet parents need to understand that dogs do not tolerate high temperatures as well as humans.

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Keeping Cool (and Active) This Summer
Posted August 1, 2019

In the middle of summer it’s sometimes hard to keep dogs active in the heat. But if you’re lucky enough to have a pool in the backyard, know someone who does, or be close to a lake or other body of water, there are plenty of water activities that will not only cool dogs off, but have them burn off some energy too.

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National Craft For Your Local Shelters Day
Posted July 19, 2019

It is always a pleasant surprise for shelters whenever people are able to help the animals in their care. One way to help is to get crafty!

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July 4th Celebration
Posted July 3, 2019

July 4th

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How to Protect Pets from Lawn Chemicals
Posted June 27, 2019

Oh the smells of summer! Suntan lotion, salty sea air, fresh cut grass and…pesticides.

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National Pet Preparedness Month
Posted June 4, 2019

This is the time of year we see more natural disasters and with that June has been named National Pet Preparedness Month.

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Why use a professional cat sitter?
Posted May 23, 2019

Why use a professional cat sitter? Why not use the neighbor down the street or better yet, why not take the cat with you?

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The new website is here! 6 Steps to Completing Your Bio/Profile
Posted May 16, 2019

The NAPPS website hasn’t gotten a facelift, it’s brand new baby and we love it!

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Spring Has Arrived!
Posted April 25, 2019

Spring has arrived, bringing warmer weather, sunshine and those creepy things called ticks. Ticks are transporters of disease and are able to carry more than one at a time. They are second only to mosquitoes as carriers of human disease, both infectious and toxic and they are increasing in number every year.

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Confused by all the information out there about vaccinations for pets?
Posted May 02, 2019

You’re not the only one. Differing opinions and information from all kinds of sources have led people and pet parents to become more baffled than ever on which way to turn.

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