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The New Website is Here! 6 Steps to Completing Your Bio/Profile
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The NAPPS website hasn’t gotten a facelift, it’s brand new baby and we love it! It’s clean, easy to navigate and as we all become more familiar with it we’ll find it offers so much more functionality to the members and to staff. As pet sitters we’re on the go and I think you’ll find the mobile experience is just as great as the desktop version.

So many of us were frustrated when trying unlock all the treasures of the old site and we kept that in mind while we went through the process of choosing the website company, the platform, and then the actual layout of the site itself. We feel that we nailed it all.

So now it’s time for you to do your part; an email was sent out on Tuesday, May 14th explaining the process of logging in and the need to change your password. It’s crucial for you to change it out. So, let’s walk through the steps.

1. Log in – refer to the email sent earlier in the week. If you forgot your login info also, the temporary password is there.

2. Choose your preferences – as you can see there’s a lot of choices there, don’t worry that’s a good thing. I said yes to everything and once I become more familiar with them all I may opt out of a couple, but for now count me in! Don’t forget to save those preferences.

3. Check your Bio – Here’s where you need to be sure all your info is correct, things like your phone number, company phone number, even your address - ever wonder why you don’t get anything in the mail from us? Also, pop in a picture. It’s nice to be able to see each other, plus it’s super easy! You’ll also note that the zip codes are in this area. So take a minute to make sure all the zip codes you service are up to date and in the format of 5 digit code followed by a comma, anything else won’t be recognized by the system.

4. Edit Professional Info – here’s where action is critical. This is where your website is listed. Pay close attention as it must be in the http:// format to appear and be able to link when a client wants to hit your site from the locator. Also, here’s where the animal types you serve and services you offer are located. This wasn’t ported from the old site. And finally the About My Business section. Here is where you tell prospective clients about your business. What do you specialize in? What accreditations or awards have you receive? Let our pet parents who use the locator page know about your business.

5. Insurance info – this section is important as it may be a huge factor in the decision a potential client makes to choose you, or not. On this website you can upload your insurance certificate, but it won’t be made public.

6. And finally, Explore - get acquainted with the Profile Section, add your social network links and your Groups that you participate in. Look at all the areas that you can populate or what the future of your amazing new website may hold.

Please check out the entire new NAPPS site and let us know what you think. We’re so very proud of the end product and hope you’ll find it useful. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or give us call at HQ. Remember, not every transition is perfect and we just need to know how to help you through your questions. And as always a little patience goes a long way.