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Why use a professional cat sitter?
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Why use a professional cat sitter?

Why use a professional cat sitter? Why not use the neighbor down the street or better yet, why not take the cat with you?

According to Certified Animal Behavior Consultant Pam Johnson-Bennett, author of Starting from Scratch, cats are territorial animals and unfamiliar surroundings can be very scary to them. If you take your cat out of familiar territory she won't know where there are safe hiding places or whether she's at risk of being attacked by a predator. There are all kinds of sounds, smells and textures that are not familiar to her. All of these concerns are magnified by the fact that the last time she was put in that evil carrier she was taken to the veterinarian’s office. So, as you can see the idea of going on a vacation or to Gramma’s house is never the cat’s idea and unless you began very early when your cat was just a kitten it could be a very uncomfortable, stressful and even traumatic trip for both of you!

Lets' face it, cats are much more comfortable staying in their own territory. Unlike dogs though, cats are much more self-sufficient and they don't need anybody to take them to the bathroom. In fact, they have at least one bathroom within their territory and will use it whenever they please. With this in mind, many people think they can just throw out a bunch of food and leave their cats for a few days. Surely, they will be fine. If you look at it like that, how would you like eating stale food and using a toilet that has been stopped up for 3 days?

Then there are other people who ask their friend or neighbor to stop in to check on their cats, clean their box and feed them. This can be an option if you are short on funds but, although the person you have stopping by is a friend, they are not there to observe the cat and make sure she is not showing signs of any health problems. They will feed your cat and maybe clean their box out (if it seems like it’s getting bad) and then leave without paying much attention at all to the cat because let’s face it they have their own lives.

Professional cat sitters are there to take care of the well-being of your cat only. Besides taking care of basic cat maintenance like feeding, administering medication, cleaning out the litter box and cleaning up any messes the cat may have made they are also there to pay attention to any health issues that may not even be noticed by someone who has no training in pet sitting or cat care. It should also be noted that a cat’s health can decline rapidly if for some reason they are not eating for over 48 hours or they somehow got themselves trapped somewhere or worse yet, they got themselves into some sort of mischief being home alone.

Last, but certainly not least, a cat sitter is there to show the cat lots of love and attention! That can mean brushing or a warm lap to cuddle up in and lots of petting. But for other cats that just want to have fun it can mean a play session with a favorite toy so they can work off some pent up energy and then find a quiet place to take a nap! Most cat sitters will sit down with you at your first consultation and find out what makes your cat happy so when they come to your home to care for them they already know how to get on your cat's good side. Most professional cat sitters will even send you texts or emails with pictures and updates of how your kitty is doing daily.