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Memorializing Your Beloved Pet

The death of a beloved pet is a heartbreaking time for those that are left behind. Our pets became an integral part of our hearts, lives and families, providing us with unconditional love that is difficult to find anywhere else. Whiling feeling the grief is a normal part of healing, finding ways to memorialize our pets helps us honor the love and good times we shared together and can be vital for our healing process.

The following suggestions can help you get started in the process of memorializing your beloved pet.

**Put Together a Memorial Service – Just as we honor humans that we have lost it can be extremely helpful to put together a memorial service for your beloved pet. Think about putting together a memorial booklet with pictures and poems and invite those that shared your life together and may also have special memories to share.

**Create a Memorial Online – Look into websites where you can write an online memorial for your pet. You can also set up your own Facebook page/Instagram account honoring your pets. Share favorite memories and pictures and encourage others who knew them to share memories too.

**Create a Memorial Garden/Plant a Tree – Many pet parents find comfort in taking a piece of their yard to create a memorial garden for their beloved pets.  Think about planting flowers/bushes or even a tree. You can also order a personalized memorial stone and buy other memorial items like a Tibetan Prayer Flag. When you need to feel close to them you can sit for awhile in your special garden and talk with them.

NAPPS has a relationship with the Arbor Day Foundation. Each $5 donation plants a tree in honor of that special pet and the Arbor Day Foundation will print a customized card and mail it to the recipient.  Give the gift that lasts a lifetime.  Sign up today at

**Create a Scrapbook  - When you feel strong enough, fill a scrapbook with special pictures, sayings and writings that help you remember all the love you shared together.

**Donate Time/Money/Supplies  - If you have a favorite pet organization that reminds you of your beloved pet, think about donating supplies or money to them in your pet’s name. Or maybe they need volunteers and you can offer some time to help. -

**Reach Out for Support – Our pets loved us so much and want us to care for ourselves the way we cared for them. It’s important to know that support is out there. If you’re having a hard time, reach out for support.


PetLoss Partners offers 2 online pet loss support groups each where you can be surrounded by other who understand and help you get the support you need and deserve.

Always remember that while our beloved pets may no longer be physically with us the lessons and love they shared with us will live on forever. By finding ways to care for yourself and honor the relationship you shared with them, you will find the pain will continue to diminish while the love continues to grow.

Sandra Grossman, Ph.D.