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How to Balance Your Pet and Holiday Budget This Season

The holiday season seems to creep up on us each year a little faster than we might be prepared for. Between purchasing gifts, attending gatherings, working long hours, and preparing and decorating our homes, it can all feel overwhelming. You might feel pressure to outdo others or buy things you cannot afford. During this exciting and busy season, it’s important to take the time to appreciate what we do have and spend time enjoying the company of our loved ones, especially our loyal pet companions.


Give the Gift of Time

As much as we all love to see our pets dressed up in cute outfits or running around with the most expensive leash on the market, our pets really just need our full attention, love, and time. Commit to your pet and your health this holiday season by scheduling a little time to run around and play. This could be a walk in the park, a stroll in town window shopping, or playing catch in the backyard. If it’s too chilly outside or you’re anticipating a snowstorm, there are plenty of fun indoor pet activities you can try! This is a free and easy way to focus on something you love, with no cost involved.


Organize Your Finances

It’s no secret that pets are not cheap, and they’re certainly not self-sufficient. As a pet owner, the responsibility fully falls on you to make sure they have the correct food, are getting regular check-ups, and all their needs are met. These tasks can be costly, stressful, and take away from your enjoyment as an owner if you have not taken the time to budget for your pet. While it may sound like just another thing you have to worry about, creating a budget and prioritizing your spending is simple. One great way to manage your money and track what you’re spending each month on your pet is an easy-to-use online banking app. Using an online bank will allow you the freedom to make purchases and stick to your budget on the go because you’re connected and informed 24/7.


Take Advantage of Holiday Pet Deals

If there’s one thing the holiday season is known for, it’s sales and deals at our favorite stores and services. This applies to places our pets love too! Everyone likes to keep their business busy before and after the holidays, which is why it's a great time to check out deals offered for grooming services, training centers, care products, and appointments for your pet. Save yourself some time and energy, while giving them a great gift too.


Choose Budget-Friendly Toys

We all love to spoil our pets and buy them fun toys to play with, especially when we’re in the spirit of holiday giving. Instead of splurging on that brand new item you saw at the pet store, get creative and try making your very own safe and fun DIY dog toys. Don’t worry cat owners, there’s budget options for your cat toys, too. Everyone always says homemade gifts are filled with love and care—this is true for your pet toys as well. Taking some time to work on a creative project can also be a great stress reliever and a way to focus your mind during the holiday hustle.


Order in Bulk

Make a list of all your pet needs, noting what supplies you purchase each week or month. Take some time to search online for clearance deals or free holiday shipping when you spend a certain amount of money. Don’t hesitate to order in bulk—if you receive more than you need, consider giving it away to others as a holiday gift. Sign up for emails and alerts with deals for purchases made throughout the year.


There is no need to feel lost in the hustle and bustle of the holiday. Instead, take advantage of the many deals and opportunities this season brings. Most importantly, don’t forget to schedule time during your busy days to enjoy the small moments with family, friends, pets, neighbors and loved ones.