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Fostering & Forever Homes

Thinking of fostering or adopting a new family member? Now more than ever, pets from all around the globe are in desperate need of forever homes. We take a look at the huge advantages of opening your home to shelter pet.

The figures are frightening. According the ASPCA over 6.5 million companion animals pass through shelter organisations each year. In Australia, approximately 186,000 pets are left unclaimed in shelters over a 12 month period. In 2019, the RSPCA in the United Kingdom had close to 50,000 cats and dogs in their care looking for homes.

Countless pets around the globe are currently residing in shelter situations waiting for their perfect homes. With Covid-19 relentlessly ripping through on an international spectrum, putting international travel on hold for the foreseeable future, many in the world-wide community have decided to put down roots and look at getting a furry friend to grace their homes.

Covid-19 is also impacting shelters across the globe, with many not able to care for the endless stream of unwanted pets. Fostering pets in 2020, is more important than ever to ensure these companion animals get the love and care they need.

With this in mind, it’s never been a better time to invite a shelter pet into your home. Whether this be a full adoption or opening your home to a foster situation.

Benefits of Adopting/Fostering

There are many benefits for adopting or fostering a pet from a shelter or rescue situation. The main benefit is the wonderful reward you are not only offering the pet, but also yourself. Pet adoption and fostering changes lives for the better. There are endless heart-warming stories of pets who have found their forever homes, who have changed the lives of their new pet-parents and also the incredible people who helped rehabilitate them towards a forever home.

The fact is; rescue pets can also rescue you. With so much going on in the world, taking on the reasonability of saving a pet can certainly add an element of happiness and light into your life.

The great news is, there are plenty of pets that will perfectly suit your home. From an older pet who is already housetrained, and toilet trained, to a young playful pup or kitten. There are many different breeds, ages that come in all different shapes and sizes looking for their forever home.

Fostering pets is also vital at this time. If you are needing some enlightening distraction and have the time to help, fostering could be the perfect solution. Pups and kittens are desperately in need of loving positive homes. With many countries suffering from lockdown situations many shelters unable to offer the pets the love and attention they need.

If you’re prepared to put in the time and effort in raising a pup or kitten with positive training from the start, you can shape the animal into becoming a well-adjusted adult pet. Making it much easier for the companion animal to find their permanent home. PLUS: they are oodles of fun. Foster pet parents often talk of the incredible joy and happiness their foster fur balls offer. In a world full of turmoil and sadness, fostering a pet could be a wonderful way to bring some laughter and happiness into your world.

Finding the Perfect Shelter

If you are considering rescuing or fostering a pet there are some steps to consider before heading to your local shelter. For adoption, basic things such as your lifestyle and future plans is important to examine. A pet can be a 16+ year commitment. So it’s important to be realistic particularly in consideration to your lifestyle.

If you are desperate to be a pet owner and get your weekly dose of animal love, but it just doesn’t’ add-up to own a pet, consider fostering or even volunteering at your local shelter.

It’s also important that you source a good rescue pet from a good organisation. Most rescue groups and animal shelters are ethical and very well established organisations. Visiting the organisation and also doing some research is easy and invaluable before becoming an foster or pet parent.

Some top tips include: 

  • Meet the pet in person
  • Ensure your future pet is vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped and de-sexed
  • Take home the animal for a trial
  • Post adoption support to help you settle in your pet