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Benefits of NAPPS Membership
With family, business, self-care and life commitments, every minute of your day counts, and who has the time to peruse the NAPPS website? Well, I'm here to tell you that by not researching the NAPPS website you're not only losing time on a daily basis in your business but you're also probably wasting money...  How can that be???  Well, NAPPS put together such an amazing website with resources in which you can utilize in your business that are not only time effective but cost-effective, you can't afford not to peruse their website.  First things first though, it's an awfully beautiful website and it's awfully BIG, so where do you start??  

Let me just cut to the chase...
There are several categories under the members-only homepage which are absolutely invaluable to both new entrepreneurs as well as senior entrepreneurs...  I'm going to highlight just a few of the hundreds of things you will find on the members-only homepage when you click under the six categories in blue (conference, insurance, library, certification, magazine and NAPPS logo) we're going to stick with my favorites....

We all remember going to the library when we were young and there were thousands upon thousands of books in many different categories. Here at the NAPPS Library, we have printable and downloadable information in our resource library in which can help you on an everyday basis...  Simply click on the word library and you're going to find the categories in which you as a dog walker or pet sitter may need at some point.  You can find everything from getting started with your business/business plan templates to legal concerns, marketing, social media, safety, and health articles and documents.  NAPPS Library has also broken down pet care into categories. For instance, if you have been asked to pet sit for an exotic animal you have never taken care of, just click on the resource library and you will find the information needed on exotics...   No need to Google it and possibly get information that's not relevant to pet sitting when right here you have relevant information about any type of animal in which you probably are going to be asked to sit at some point in your business endeavor.

Another example...  If and when you have a customer whose pet passes away and they have a question for you which you are unable to answer, just log into the NAPPS research library click on library grieving and grief and you can find a plethora of information for your client.  
Just like any wonderful library, the NAPPS resource library is updated frequently with the latest and the greatest so no need to worry that you're looking at old information that is no longer relevant in our profession.

#2 Business Forms
Do you have the time to create a new form each time you run into a situation or realize that your current form is not sufficient for your client's needs or business needs?  Well, now you don't have to worry about creating forms all you have to do is go to the members-only homepage, page down and click on business forms.   You are going to find 60 plus generic forms in which you can print out and utilize, add your logo to and customize for your employment/business needs.
ENOUGH SAID!!!  This section is a huge time-saver for any business owner out there and the money that you save on NOT purchasing business forms by utilizing the NAPPS forms pays for your membership alone😺

What is NAPPS CHAT?  It's equivalent to the Snapchat for the dog walking pet sitting world!  On NAPPS CHAT or formally known as NAPPS message board you are able to place any question, situation, idea, (In reference to business or specific pet issue) client issue, billing issue, business issue, etc. (with the exception of pricing) asking NAPPS members there personal and/or professional opinion in reference to your question...  Not only are you getting a response from many business owners, but you're also getting a response from senior dog walkers and sitters around the United States of America...  

This to me is an invaluable tool as things come up during the day in which we do not know how to respond to, you need advice and you need it from another business owner in your field...  Well NAPPS has it covered for you, when that happens, just proceed to the NAPPS message board immediately. You place your question, dilemma, issue, etc...  On the NAPPS message board and the responses come in like a flood from other pet professionals and entrepreneurs around the United States...  This is an invaluable tool to me, and just reading other people's dilemmas questions or aha moments on the message board educate me on the daily!!  There's also a second benefit to the NAPPS message board.  Networking!!!  When you respond to a question and communicate with another pet professionals you obviously create a networking group, you get to know other professionals around the world and you definitely can share information and talk to them privately and create a relationship that way. Without the NAPPS message board, how would you speak to somebody if you're in Illinois who lives in California and get a response from them in 5 minutes?  You wouldn't...  

In short, your membership to NAPPS does not only mean you belong to a nonprofit organization for professional pet sitters & dog walkers, but it's our safety net as well as a support system, educational forum and has immense networking opportunities, etc... if we choose to make it such by utilizing the organization, resources, and website properly...  For a recorded tutorial on utilizing the members-only page see the link here